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Here you will find the demo data of SongBook +, which can optionally be downloaded directly from the app in a newly installed SongBook +.

It is a backup of SongBook data (.sbkbak file) with 14 sample songs, with which many functions of SongBook + can be tried out. The songs contain texts or notes in PDF files, TXT files, ChordPro files or image files, some with additional MP3 files, midi files or videos for playback.

Download demo data for SongBook + here (142 MB).

The file can be opened directly with SongBook + (Open in ... -> SongBook) or opened in SongBook + with the "Import files" function. Caution! By installing this demo data, the existing SongBook data will be deleted and replaced by it.

Alternatively, you can download and install the individual demo songs separately as .sbk files. This will not delete your existing data. However, if your SongBook + already contains files (PDFs, audio / video / midi files) with the same file name as the files contained in the downloaded .sbk file, they will be replaced (after prior warning).

Here are the individual demo songs for download:

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