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Your lyrics, scores, playbacks, midifiles, videos on the iPad / iPhone

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SongBook+ is the fit-for-stage app for musicians.

SongBook+ allows you to manage your songs with lyrics and/or sheet music, playbacks, MIDI files, videos and to always have them at hand when performing.

Additionaly SongBook+ controls your MIDI capable devices automatically to match  the current song.

SongBook+ does not include any lyrics or other files!

It is intended to display or replay your own files.

SongBook+ can be downloaded for free, but is limited to 15 songs in the free version.

The free version can be updated to the fullversion on demand with an in-app purchase.

Here is a list with the most important features:

  • Available on iPad and iPhone

  • Manage songs with great search and sort options

  • View lyrics or sheet music (PDF, TXT, PNG, JPG, JPEG, TIF, TIFF, GIF, LRC, ChordPro)

  • Play playbacks (MP3, WAV, AIFF, M4A)

  • Multitrack audio player (5 stereo audio files) with separate audio outputs

  • Multichannel audio routing to separate audio outputs (with external hardware)

  • Mixer with 10 bands equalizer and separate volume for the 5 audio files, global and per song

  • Play MIDI files (with external sound generation)

  • Play karaoke videos (MOV, MP4, MPV, 3GP, M4V)

  • Loop function for audio, midi and video files

  • Use in portrait or landscape mode (landscape mode only on iPad)

  • Insert notes/chords/symbols/sheet music/images/shapes

  • Highlight/underline/strike out text passages

  • Hand write/paint in the document

  • Insert custom, configurable buttons into the document

  • Full page turns or smooth scrolling

  • Auto page turns or scrolling

  • Record song positions with your finger

  • Import and display lyrics of Midi/MP3 files

  • Control using foot pedal (see here for supported pedals)

  • Wirelessly connect SongBooks for a synchronous song selection

  • Select the next song while a song is playing

  • Create playlists

  • Music log for billing with GEMA/SUIZA/…

  • Take a photo of lyrics/sheet music and convert them into PDF files

  • Night mode with inverted colors

  • Optical and/or acoustic metronome

  • Connect an external monitor with a possible rotation of 90/180/270 degrees

  • Separate into multiple books, e.g. one book per volume

Exceptional MIDI options:

  • Access the according registration via keyboard when opening the song

  • Open a song on the iPad via MIDI remote control

  • Send individually configurable MIDI commands when opening/starting/stopping the song

  • Insert any buttons for MIDI commands into the lyrics/sheet music

  • Remotely browse via MIDI

  • Play MIDI files via MIDI-Out on the keyboard/MIDI player/expander

  • Integrated MIDI monitor

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